January 3, 2017

10 Tips for Making Your Summer Holiday Affordable.



Although things appear to be turning the corner economy-wise, most of us still have to plan our summer holiday on a tight budget. Whether we holiday in Europe, North America, Asia, or further afield, the more flexible we can be with our arrangements, the more we can save.

Booking Early:

Early booking, 10 or 11 months before you wish to holiday, will often get you substantial discounts. Most operators sell a certain amount of cheaper rooms and apartments in the early days. When they go, the price goes up.


Booking Late:

This is where flexibility comes in. Tour operators want to fill their rooms and apartments. When business is slow, big discounts come into play, sometimes as much as 50%. If you’re even more flexible, and are prepared to accept the tour operators choice of ‘somewhere’ in France, Spain, the Balearics, Canaries, or other hotspots, then booking last minute will often attract even greater discounts.

Search the Internet:

Check all holiday types on the internet. Depending when you can travel, making your arrangements independently may well be cheaper than taking a tour operator’s package, but beware, if the operators slash prices, their option may be cheaper.

Check All Inclusive:

All Inclusive isn’t everybody’s idea of a holiday, but don’t dismiss it. All inclusive is very popular with families and groups, and can be a big saving against half or full board hotels. In the off season, when children are back at school, all inclusive packages can be substantially discounted, often to a level of self-catering units.

Play the Waiting Game:

If you find your ideal package on a tour operator’s site, fill in your details, email address etc, but don’t buy, leave the site. Next day you may well find an email in your inbox offering an additional discount – ‘if you book your package today.’

Booking Insurance:

Because you’ve bought their holiday, doesn’t mean you have to buy their holiday insurance. Check out specialist travel insurance companies online. Their plans are often cheaper, and more comprehensive, than tour operators.

 Also some credit cards provide you with free travel insurance when you pay for the bulk of your trip expenses e.g overseas flights, with that card.

Car Hire:

If your holiday plans include car hire, check out international car hire companies. While tour operators may well offer ‘discounted’ car hire if you buy through them, the big hire companies often offer a discount for pre-booking, especially out of season.

Car Insurance:

Don’t be caught out by the excess insurance trap. If you’re confident about driving abroad you may choose to forgo the excess waiver insurance. If not, then buying a separate, independent excess waiver policy may well be a cheaper option. Shop around on this one.

Large Parties, Family Groups:

If you’re planning a large family get together, or holidaying with a group of friends, check out condos, houses, country cottages, or apartments to let. Large savings are to be had per person. Group privacy is confirmed, and everyone is in the same place when organising those days out.

Tours and Excursions:

Lastly, if you’ve already decided on certain trips and excursions to undertake while on holiday, wait until you’re at your destination before booking. Tour operators receive commission on trips the reps sell. Visit a few of the excursion booths you’ll find around the resort. Compare prices and offers, many offer two for one deals, free child entrance when booking for family, or discounts for large groups.