February 4, 2016

Tis the Season — Springtime Fun in New York

touncertaintyandbeyond.com 25 03 2014

In the summer, scores of New York residents escape the oppressive city heat to more rural retreats but when autumn rolls around, beautiful fall foliage starts to appear in Central Park. Then the whole city embraces wintertime, with attractions like the Empire State Building and the Statue of Liberty looking picture perfect.

But following on from the holiday season and bitterly cold weather, New York welcomes spring, which is a tremendous time of year to visit. With many recreational activities and outdoor events taking place, it’s no surprise that tourists from all over the world check in to hotels in New York for an immensely enjoyable springtime holiday.

“It’s That Time Again” — Annual events

Commemorate Saint Patrick’s Day — From wearing the national colors to enjoying a few traditional drinks, there are few better places to commemorate Ireland’s national day than New York City. Its Saint Patrick’s Day parade is the biggest in the world as floats, dancers, marching bands and bagpipers all take to the city streets.

Flower show fun — In March, Macy’s Flower Show features exotic, rare blooms from around the world, while the Orchid Show at New York Botanical Garden displays thousands of bright, colorful flowers in lush surroundings. At the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, 220 cherry trees are in full bloom, which is celebrated with the Cherry Blossom Festival.
Easter celebrations — Along with the annual parade, tourists can attend special church services, take part in an Easter egg hunt or enjoy themed menus at one of the numerous restaurants around the city.

“Sick of Being Indoors” — Being Outside

Have a picnic or BBQ — Brooklyn Bridge Park is the perfect place to nibble your first picnic of the year while you take in lower Manhattan’s skyline. This area also features reclaimed-wood tables and 22 permanent barbecues so visitors can cook whatever their hearts desire.

Go on a rooftop bar crawl — With the evenings getting lighter and the nights becoming milder, there is nothing better than sipping a cocktail or beer from one of New York’s rooftop bars after a long day sightseeing. You can go from the East River to the Hudson without having a drink inside.

Take a stroll down the High Line — This public park is one of New York’s most fascinating attractions. Built on an old freight railroad above the streets of Manhattan, the High Line features an array of greenery and plant life. In spring, several food and drink vendors start appearing as well as Tuesday night stargazing.

Sticking to What You Know — Recreational Pursuits

TD Five Boro Biker Tour — This annual trans-city cyclotron is a must for pedal-powered enthusiasts. Around 32,000 people cycle 40 miles through all five boroughs and over five different bridges. Thankfully, every mile is free from cars.

Check out a baseball game — Both the Mets and Yankees play their season openers during spring, so take this opportunity to watch one of America’s best-loved sports. Sit back and watch the game unfold while indulging in some traditional (if a little unhealthy) cuisine.

Visit Coney Island — Home to rollercoasters and spinning tea cups, Coney Island also has a few entertaining yet active pursuits too. From whac-a-mole and break-a-plate to basketball three point challenges and a duck pond, fun is on the menu!

So whether you attend an annual event, get all active outdoors or just indulge in your favorite pastimes, New York is the place to be in the spring.