October 24, 2014

Extra fees and Long Term Travel



When you only travel a few weeks a year, it doesn’t matter so much if your budget gets blown. For example, I talked to some folks yesterday who had got stuck with a $90 cab ride because they’d accidentally booked the wrong hotel and it was a long way from where they needed to be.

When you travel for an extended period – whether that’s 3 months or a year, the extra fees and costs do start to matter, as people usually have a set daily budget.

Your challenge is to try to minimize these –

Here are some:

– Credit card booking fees e.g., charged by airlines for booking online
– ATM fees
– Currency conversion fees
– Resort fees (mandatory charges that aren’t included in your reservation rate and can turn a $50 a night hotel into a $80 a night hotel)
– Parking fees (These can be up to $35 a night in some cities)
– Rental car insurance that can turn a $10 a day reservation into a $50 a day reservation
– Ticket booking charges for plays and events
– Visa fees, for entering a country
– Airport or after midnight surcharges for cabs
– Baggage and seat selection charges
– Any food or drink consumed on a plane, in an airport or at a museum!
– Wifi charges

Image by Money Wallet under Creative Commons license.