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February 19, 2010



The reality of our situation hit me this week when I officially quit my job!

Well, I still need to write the letter, but I told my principal about our plan on Wednesday.  Telling her was a lot of things: unsettling, freeing, comforting, sad.

On the train ride home I realized that this is really happening.  Of course it was happening before too.  We bought the tickets.  We told our families.  We got the gear.  The plans were made.  But now I really quit my job!

My boss was not happy that I’m leaving, but confirmed that this is the right time when she said, “If you don’t do it now, you’ll never do it.”

February 15, 2010

Big Blog Day

Made lots of updates to the blog today.  Check out our new pages:

I still have my concerns about our itinerary.  We have almost nothing set in stone, but it feels like we are trying to do too much.  If we start to feel rushed, we will need to rethink a few of these stops.

February 3, 2010

Up and Running!


Welcome to our travel blog!

Thinking of our blog name has been very difficult.  You have to think of something witty, creative, memorable, travel related…  There’s a lot of pressure!  I tried to find inspiration from other travel blogs, but I mostly got pissed off that I didn’t think of these domains first.  For example, “” or “”.  Those are great names!

I could only think of shit like: (more…)

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