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Charming Crete: History, Hiking and Hammocks…

Greece’s largest island, Crete boasts a fascinating history, as well as diverse landscapes. It’s no wonder then that the destination is so popular among discerning tourists. While on the island, you can explore ancient ruins, trek over undulating terrain and soak up the sun on Crete’s beaches. Although Crete attracts nearly a quarter of all […]

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Minus the Mouse: Orlando Alternatives


Orlando is one of the most popular vacation destinations in the world thanks in large part to a bevy of mega theme parks from Universal Studios to Disney World itself. You’ll often find excited families on board the plane if you catch any flights to Orlando, looking forward to meeting their cartoon idols in the […]

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Your Summer European Road Trip


Booking in plenty of time. All of Europe is on the move in summer and popular places will be booked out. If you’ve read about an amazing campground that’s got excellent reviews and is well-priced then there’s a very good chance you’ll need to book it early to avoid disappointment. Just make sure you understand […]

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When to splash out for luxury.

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Most of the time we’re happy without luxury travel. However there are some scenarios when it’s nice to make that little step up. Here are our ideas for when it makes sense to go lux. 1. When it’s only $20 more. There are quite a few times when it’s only a small $20-30 to step […]

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What Americans Need to Know To Save Money on European Travel

What Americans Need to Know To Save Money on European Travel

Let’s say you’ve got your dream job in London. You’re an official expat and all of Europe is at your doorstop. What might you need to know about how to save money on your travel planning? Here are some things that UK natives know that can trip up Americans. 1. That giant carryon bag ain’t […]

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5 Surprising Ways to Save Money While Traveling

5 Surprising Ways to Save Money While Traveling

You too can have this on a budget… 1. Book a MORE expensive flight. Sometimes the cheapest flights are false economy. Key examples of this are: – when the cheapest flight leaves to early or arrives too late for your airport transportation e.g., you have to pay after midnight surcharges for cabs or shuttles, or […]

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Places to Honeymoon in Australia


Australia is the perfect dream destination to take a honeymoon. It’s just different enough from the United States/UK that it’s exciting, but there is still a decent level of service (no roughing it or hassles with “surprise” charges or needing to haggle over every little thing) When to go Visiting Australia in Spring or Fall […]

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Is Visiting NYC in Winter a Mistake?

Is Visiting NYC in Winter a Mistake?

Someone asked me the other day if going to New York in winter was a bad idea. Definitely not! While visiting in winter is not as ideal as some other months of the year, NYC is well set up for winter visitors. 1. The subway and subway stations are heated. Before you prepay your hotel, […]