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10 Tips for Making Your Summer Holiday Affordable.


Although things appear to be turning the corner economy-wise, most of us still have to plan our summer holiday on a tight budget. Whether we holiday in Europe, North America, Asia, or further afield, the more flexible we can be with our arrangements, the more we can save.

 Booking Early: 

Early booking, 10 or 11 […]

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New Zealand’s Heaphy Track – One of the Great Walks!


New Zealand has some of the world’s best walking tracks (or as they call them in Kiwi land, “tramps”!) and the Heaphy Track is one of them. It is situated on the north western coast of NZ’s South Island within Kahurangi National Park. You can choose to walk the track over either four or five […]

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Travel Trepidation: Fear and Loathing of New Places

Is “Sarah Palin” on that wall?

The US State Department reports that less than 10 percent of Americans travel abroad each year.  Of that small percentage, most visit Mexico, Canada, or the Caribbean.  Generally speaking, Americans just don’t travel internationally.  Let us examine the root of this phenomenon: Fear. Fear of Headlines We are told the world is a dangerous place.  […]

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Hamburg, Germany – the Highlights


Hamburg is Germany’s second largest city and has a big personality all of its own. It offers something for everyone, whether you’re a culture vulture, shopaholic, outdoor lover or history enthusiast. This northern German city between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea is one of the busiest ports in Europe. The city centre is […]

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Top Items Every Traveller Should Have with Them


No matter where in the world you might be travelling, there are some essential items that you always need to have with you, and then depending on whether you are backpacking or hopping on an organized tour, there are additional items that need to be taken along to ensure that you are able to travel […]

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Romantic Gran Canaria

Gran Canaria 3

When I imagine the most romantic places in the world to take a vacation I usually find myself thinking of island destinations. I associate islands with romance because they conjure up images of ship wrecked lovers, abandoned on a tropical beach with a mountainous jungle backdrop. The couple has everything they need (i.e each other) […]

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5 Surprising Ways to Save Money While Traveling

5 Surprising Ways to Save Money While Traveling

You too can have this on a budget… 1. Book a MORE expensive flight. Sometimes the cheapest flights are false economy. Key examples of this are: – when the cheapest flight leaves to early or arrives too late for your airport transportation e.g., you have to pay after midnight surcharges for cabs or shuttles, or […]

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What’s Touristy But Good In New York?


If you look up New York on Tripadvisor you’ll see a list of nearly 800 attractions/things to do in NYC!  One thing’s for sure – you’ll never get bored in the Big Apple.  New York is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations so by definition most of it’s attractions would be deemed to be […]