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What Americans Need to Know To Save Money on European Travel

What Americans Need to Know To Save Money on European Travel

Let’s say you’ve got your dream job in London. You’re an official expat and all of Europe is at your doorstop. What might you need to know about how to save money on your travel planning? Here are some things that UK natives know that can trip up Americans. 1. That giant carryon bag ain’t […]

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Extra fees and Long Term Travel

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When you only travel a few weeks a year, it doesn’t matter so much if your budget gets blown. For example, I talked to some folks yesterday who had got stuck with a $90 cab ride because they’d accidentally booked the wrong hotel and it was a long way from where they needed to be. […]

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5 Surprising Ways to Save Money While Traveling

5 Surprising Ways to Save Money While Traveling

You too can have this on a budget… 1. Book a MORE expensive flight. Sometimes the cheapest flights are false economy. Key examples of this are: – when the cheapest flight leaves to early or arrives too late for your airport transportation e.g., you have to pay after midnight surcharges for cabs or shuttles, or […]

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What’s Touristy But Good In New York?


If you look up New York on Tripadvisor you’ll see a list of nearly 800 attractions/things to do in NYC!  One thing’s for sure – you’ll never get bored in the Big Apple.  New York is one of the world’s leading tourist destinations so by definition most of it’s attractions would be deemed to be […]

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Places to Honeymoon in Australia


Australia is the perfect dream destination to take a honeymoon. It’s just different enough from the United States/UK that it’s exciting, but there is still a decent level of service (no roughing it or hassles with “surprise” charges or needing to haggle over every little thing) When to go Visiting Australia in Spring or Fall […]

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Is Visiting NYC in Winter a Mistake?

Is Visiting NYC in Winter a Mistake?

Someone asked me the other day if going to New York in winter was a bad idea. Definitely not! While visiting in winter is not as ideal as some other months of the year, NYC is well set up for winter visitors. 1. The subway and subway stations are heated. Before you prepay your hotel, […]

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25 Best Street Foods Under $1

25 Best Street Foods Under $1

In no particular order. 1. Mango & Sticky Rice – Thailand 2. Dumplings – China 3. Pho – Cambodia and Vietnam 4. Dosa – India and Malaysia 5. Borek – Turkey 6. Steam Buns – Asia 7. Harira – Morocco 8. Hotteok – Seoul, Korea 9. BBQ Corn – Asia, the Americas, most countries! 10. […]

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First Time Rome – 5 Tips


This is another post in our “First Time in….” If you’re interested in our Florence post, it’s here. 1. Must Sees. This the our short list of must-sees for the first time visitor. Even if you’re only in town for a few days, you don’t want to miss these four sights. – Vatican Museum, which […]